12bet Number Game Guide

Play number game online in Malaysia with your desired or lucky number. Players who sign-up today gets a 100% Deposit Bonus as Asiastar8 strives hard to provide you the easiest game akin to that of lottery.

Number game is typically a bingo-influenced game in which you can bet throughout the numbered ball drawn from the bingo machine. Playing number game online in Malaysia is easy to understand. You place two kinds of bet for this game such as the Pre-Game, where it allows the player to position their bets before the game starts while the Running Game means you can wager even though the draw is ongoing.


Asiastar8 will teach you how to play Malaysian online number game, including a discussion on the number game guide to learn the mechanics a lot easier. Number game betting is as easy as ABC, which means that it is not like the other games that require many extra stuff just to come up with a good game. Here are the basic instructions to play the game.
Playing online number game.

  • Visit 12bet.com and register with your account details. Once you successfully accessed your account, click ‘Number Game’ on the left side of the page. If you don’t have an account yet, click ‘REGISTER HERE.’
  • After clicking the Number Game, choose what kind of bet you would like to wager on: Over/Under, Odd/Even, or Combo.
  • After which, you will be given 7 minutes to determine if you’ve won something or nothing. The results are posted right away.

Types of betting
Pre-Game – this allows you to position your bets before the game starts.

  • Over/Under (First Ball Drawn or Last Ball Drawn)
  • Odd/Even (First Ball Drawn or Last Ball Drawn)
  • Odd/Even Ft (Sum of Three Balls Drawn)
  • Warrior (Comparing Second Ball Drawn or Third Ball Drawn)

Running Game – this means that you can wager even while the draw is ongoing, making room for number game strategies that can amplify your chance of winning.

  • Next Odd/Even (Next Ball Drawn)
  • Next Over/Under (Next Ball Drawn)
  • Next High/Lo (Next Ball Drawn Will Higher or Lower Number)
  • Next Combo (Next Ball Drawn Over/Odd, Over/Even, Under/Odd or Under/Even)