La Liga Betting Tips and Predictions: Real Betis vs Real Madrid

Cristiano Ronaldo | Real Madrid

Sports betting odds are rooting for Real Madrid when it faces Real Betis at Santiago Bernabéu as La Liga’s action-packed matches begin.
Los Blancos has no inhibitions of flaunting their impressive form. It enjoys a seemingly unstoppable winning streak in its three (3) pre-season friendlies. It scored 6 goals against Bournemouth, forced a draw against Lyon and won by a notch against Paris St. Germain.
But the friendlies’ results were not the only factor that speak of the club’s readiness in the pitch. Just recently, it acquired the services of Malaga’s leading scorer, Isco.
Although he has yet to prove his worth as Higuain’s replacement, the young player adjusts well in his new home. Amidst the striking tandems that have cropped out in the football world (i.e, Neymar-Messi, Cavani-Ibrahimovic), it cannot be denied that the Isco-Ronaldo duo will be the next buzzword. Adding more depth into the line-up is the alleged entry of yet another notable player, Gareth Bale.
There is no doubt that Real Madrid is one of the strongest team to watch out for this season. However, this does not immediately dismiss the capabilities of Real Betis. The Verdadones have proven that they can thrash a giant. As a matter of fact, even the celebrated Los Blancos has had its share of losing into the Verdadones’ hands—and this is something that sports betting enthusiasts should be wary of.
Real Betis is a club to fear not only in the pitch, but also in betting. For one, they have the Asian handicap since Real Madrid is the heavy favorite. Given that they are far from being a so-so La Liga team, there is a high possibility for the Verdadones to turn the tides and gain the advantage.
Date: 18 August 2013
Venue: Santiago Bernabéu


Photo Credit: Zimbio/ Denis Doyle
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