Winners Prefer 12BET Casino’s All American

AllAmericanVP_SplashScreenA cash prize that is 4,000 bigger than your original bet is at stake in 12BET Casino’s All American.

This latest casino game allows you to choose your own cards and not only that, if you are not satisfied, you can always change them. In All American, you have all the advantage against the house. You win with ease.

A video poker hit
All American is a certified hit among video poker lovers. First, because it is easy to understand. Second, it has cool graphics and lastly, it gives the players more flexibility.

This online casino game also takes the burden of strategizing to get a winning combination.

Game objective
If you have been playing video poker before, this game follows a similar rule and that is to form a 5-card poker hand. See to it that you get a Royal Flush for this multiplies your bet by 4,000.

All American guide
You get 5 face up cards for this game. Choose the cards which you think, will give you a strong hand. Change them if you think the cards are not good enough. But remember that you can only change cards once.

If you are already satisfied, click the deal button. The casino client will reveal the cards that substitute for the ones that you did not pick. You win for the winning combination that you have.