Hot Gems’ 15 Free Spins And X5 Win Multiplier Make Noise

Hot Gems - Slot Games

Nothing can be hotter than the slot game, Hot Gems. Through this online slot machine, a player enjoys multiple wins and 15 free spins all in one sitting.

Normally, the game ends when a winning combination is formed. The player has to make another spin to continue. But Hot Gems gives this slot routine a twist. Here, all the winning combinations explode. Symbols, which are at the bottom of the winning pattern, are pushed downward.

Whenever the above-mentioned scenario happens, the symbols pushed downward have the tendency to form another winning combination, thus, resulting to multiple wins. And for those whose memory is still fresh, it can be noticed that Hot Gems is a bit similar to Bejeweled.

Hot Gems, however is not just contented in giving multiple wins. It also shares free spins. As mentioned, one can get 15 free spins in this game. The freebies are triggered by the appearance of the bonus symbol on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd reels.

But Hot Gems has another surprise—all winnings during the free games can be multiplied by up to 5X.

Prizes as precious as gems fill Hot Gems, play and grab your lion’s share today!